EP #1 – Denial with Peter Sinclair

My first guest, Peter Sinclair, has a ton of experience with the topic of climate change and debating deniers. He is an award winning, independent,  climate educator, videographer, graphic artist, and has been an active voice for climate change for many years.

In this episode, Peter lays down a solid foundation on the topic of climate change and denial for chapter one. I chime in here and there but for the most part, I let him do the talking. And there’s a lot to be said, but he says a lot in just under one hour!

This past April, I went on an interviewing tour through Michigan to meet with other guests who you’ll meet in future episodes of CH. 1: Denial. Another guest told me that I had to talk to Peter Sinclair for my project. They put in touch with him so I could explain what I was doing with The Belief Books and he invited me over so we could talk!

Peter travels to Greenland regularly to document the effects of climate change there, works as the Media Director on the Dark Snow Project and This is Not Cool with Yale. But he is probably best known for his Climate Crock of the Week series and is arguably the internet’s leading climate video blogger with over 16 thousand subscribers, 100 videos and over 2.5 million total views on his work! Visit his website at www.climatecrocks.com.

Connect with Peter Sinclair:

From direct feedback to comments on tweets to emails, I have already been receiving feedback on this project and my ideas which I appreciate and encourage. I hope to receive more feedback and questions as I keep posting more episodes. So bring it on!

Here’s an email I got early on from Tristan who found me on Twitter:

“Hi Josh, I am extremely excited for your first episode of climate change denial. As someone who has studied climatology and impact assessment, having a discussion with climate deniers (some of which exist in my family) aggravates me to no end.

Talking to climate “skeptics” leaves room for intellectual discussions on how the problem has evolved, the dangers that will and can arise if nothing is done, and what has been and could be done by countries individually in order to ensure we mitigate/adapt appropriately. Deniers, however, are motivated by unsubstantiated claims, and assume that everything is one big conspiracy (like the Flat Earth Theory… Something I’ve been hearing more and more these days). And let us not forget the cherry picking of climatological data to shut down all claims of a changing climate.

There is, of course, a psychological factor about climate change. While it may be happening quickly in time scales relevant to climate as a whole, it is not immediate. Because it won’t destroy the economy tomorrow, or impact everyone’s life all at once, deniers don’t see it as an issue. To them, it is about the short term rather than the long term. Or, deniers may say that because global temperature has been higher in the past (millions of years go), that higher temperatures in the future will not have a negative impact today. They fail to take into account that life, geology, and water and air currents on Earth were significantly different millions of years ago. It’s apples vs oranges.

I better stop now, I can rant about this topic all day and night. I am eager to hear how you lay out the story of climate change denial, and will keep my eyes open for episode one.


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