EP #4 – Denial with Climate Change Solutions Panel

A former EPA administrator who led the implementation of the Clean Air Act, a high school biology and environmental science teacher who’s worked with beluga whales and pinnipeds, the Citizens Climate Lobby Regional Director of the Great Lakes Region, and two youthful voices speaking out on the issue of climate change get together to speak on this panel event in Indianapolis to discuss climate change solutions.

Learn about proposed solutions to Climate Change and how we can create power in ourselves and others to make political change during this conversation with community leaders.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby and its partners hosted a solution-focused panel conversation here in Indianapolis on November 5, 2017 meant to connect participants to ways they can use their political power to get involved locally, statewide, and nationally.

This event was presented by Citizens Climate Lobby Indianapolis Chapter, Earth Charter Indiana, Hoosier Environmental Council, and Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation. It was part of Spirit & Place which ran from November 3 through November 12.

Connect with the Panelists:

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