Out of Eden Podcast

My second guest appearance on another podcast was on the Out of Eden podcast with Sam Morse – a series he made to document his journey of religious deconstruction!

In Part 1 we talk about the birth of my podcast, my upbringing in the Catholic church and what I used to believe.

In Part 2 we jump right back into talking about belief. Learn about what I used to believe, what I don’t believe anymore and why.

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EP #8 – Denial with David Barrons

David Barrons is a former meteorologist from Traverse City, Michigan involved in environmentalism and speaking about climate change.

We talk about wacky weather, the consequences of climate change and what we can do about it, agriculture and farmers, the power of science, reasons for denial, Daoism, fossil fuels and the importance of energy, batteries, cars, freedom, the American lifestyle, philosophy, economics, seeking the truth, and what it would take to change his mind.

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EP #7 – Purpose with Martina Manns

Martina Manns won the chance to be on The Belief Books podcast at the launch party I threw last December in Indianapolis.

We talked about her faith, fate, good and bad spirits (and her encounters with them), the soul, the afterlife, happiness, nature, heaven and hell, time in the afterlife, how to live forever, and the meaning of life.

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